A Vibrant Thing: “Rose Colored Glasses” – (OFFICIAL VIDEO) by Lizzy Ashleigh | @_AshLieGh


It has to be a blessing when you have a voice and vibe that makes a listener want to follow your yellow brick road. That was my first impression as I listened to Lizzy Ashleigh’s inspirational acoustic track “Rose Colored Glasses”. This song is guaranteed to be everyone’s vibrant day when they least expect it! Read more about the track below…

“Lizzy Ashleigh blessed the world with her motivational and inspirational video for her first single “Rose Colored Glasses”. Lizzy sings about keeping your head up and loving life while living the best way that you can, and she does it all with an acoustic guitar and killer style.”

About the artist…


“Lizzy Ashliegh, also known as L.A from B.K, is a singer, actress, host, model, and creative extraordinaire from Brooklyn, NY. She plans to take the world by storm one single at a time, and will be releasing her debut project later this year (2015)! You can follow Lizzy on twitter at @_AshLieGh.”

Be sure to also check out Lizzy’s SoundCloud page to stream and download “Rose Colored Glasses” and listen to some of her other delectable tracks!


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