“Peace” by Soulciety | @WeAreSoulciety 

“Soulciety is just everyday simple folks just sharing lovely music with the world.”

Soulciety was born from the collaborative creative efforts of 4 artists from Lagos, Nigeria – singer Freeborn, rap duo Avalanche & Tafa, and producer DG Mastered. The group recently released their project “We;Soulciety”. “We;Soulciety” is an excellent collection of tracks that includes soul, jazz, neo soul, hip hop, spoken word, poetry, alternative/contemporary sounds and of course the rhythmic sounds of native drumbeats as heard on their track “Omi”.  My personal favorite (which you can listen to below) is “Peace”. On this sultry jazzy track, Freeborn masterfully channels a liitle Erykah Badu and a little Jill  Scott as she belts out beautiful vocals that are all her own. So, if you are in the mood to sit back and unwind, I suggest you grab some wine and listen to Soulciety. Enjoy!  

“We; Soulciety” is also available on iTunes.


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