“Love Like Paris” – Promethus The Titan |@Promethus_TTAN

“Love Like Paris” is the latest single by Canada’s (by way of Zimbabwe, Belgium, and Brazil) Prometheus The Titan which was released earlier this month. Per his PR team, Prometheus is a trap/trapsoul fusion artist and his “Love Like Paris” is a pleasurable mix of upbeat tones and acoustic instrumentation. Lately, my ears haven’t strayed too far away from the hip hop genre thus, ”Love Like Paris” has certainly broken the monotony for me. Prometheus is also part of the Vancouver collective of artists known as the Unusual Suspects. Check out the track below and enjoy!


#Aaliyah “Rock The Boat” (My Mix) by G.L.A.M. |@glamishere

The Bay Area’s G.L.A.M. presents her lovely and creative re-mix of Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat”. G.L.A.M.’s creativity on this track is definitely a mood. Enjoy!

#SpokenWord: “Our Time Has Come” – UniverSouLove | @UniverSouLove

Released in 2012, “Our Time Has Come” is a throwback spoken word piece that was released on “The Naturals” by the group Ladder to the Sun (Andy O’Connor, John O’Conner, and UniverSouLove). The track is available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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